Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Vintage Christmas Light Ornaments

Back last year we bought some strands of vintage Christmas lights and one strand didn't work so I didn't want to throw away the bulbs so I decided to make glittered ornaments with them.

They started out like this.

I started out by hot gluing twine into a loop around the top then hot gluing twine around the top. like the picture below

Then after that I added modge podge to the bulb and used silver glitter all over it. I let it dry overnight then added modge podge over the top of the glitter. Tip: adding modge podge over the top of the glitter keeps its from getting everywhere and doesn't come off.

I think they make great Christmas ornaments.


  1. wonderful idea. so pretty..

  2. They're beautiful ornaments!! What a fantastic repurpose!!

  3. Love this idea. Can't wait to try.

  4. Question: How do you apply the 2nd coat of mod-podge (brush ? ) ?? ….and Doesn't the glitter loose it's sparkle after the 2nd coat of mod-podge ?

    1. i added one coat of mod podge after the glitter is applied (bottom coat has to be fully dry) and it didn't loose its sparkle at all. if you added a lot of mod podge coats on top it might. but just one coat it still sparkled as you can see above!

  5. Did you use a brush to apply the glue ? For the 2nd coat ?? Thx