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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Coral and White Nightstand

This nightstand come from a yard sale that I saw on a local Facebook group. We bought several things from them, The blue and white cabinet a few posts back was from them, and got a couple galvanized wash tubs and tall galvanized planter looking thing. This one took the longest to finish cause i just took my time and didn't know what to do it. After it sat for a few days i decide to kinda modern with it as it had such straight lines.

This is how it started out

I decide to use a coral color on the base of it and cut out in the drawers white and i left the knobs the same and I lightly distressed it in places. 

I love the colors make it more fun and a little more modern and the gold knobs goes perfect with it. I forgot to take more pictures before it got put into the booth. 

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