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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Farmhouse Vanity

Today I have a make over of a vanity. It started out in pretty rough shape it didn't have the mirror that came on it, and there was some peeling veneer on the sides and the wood was so dry and it just needed helped. Sometimes when you get a piece of furniture you know what your going to do with it then when you start it, it don't go as planned? well this is how this one started out...

As you can see it needed help.  I sanded down the places that needed it and got it as smooth as I could for painting, I added two coats of Vanilla Frosting to get good coverage. 

After that on the inside of the vanity and and on the sides there was small indentions that were still kinda messed up, so I decided to use textured wall paper on the insides and on the sides of the vanity.

After that I distressed the whole piece very heavily for a old worn look, like it came right out of a barn!

then I used natural wax to finish everything off! I love how this turned out and how the textured wall paper gives it just a little extra pop for a little charm. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Farmhouse Feed Sack Chair

You ever see a piece of furniture and just automatically know how you want to re-finish it?  That's how it was with this chair, it was found at a 10 mile long yard sale just sitting there waiting to be picked up and re-loved. It's just a basic brown chair but with awesome turned legs at the bottom and a horrible red fabric! I got it for a steal. So it started out like this...

I chose Country Chic's Paint in Vanilla Frosting for this chair. Used 2 coats for a good coverage then...

I let it dry enough til was tacky and used a wet rag to distress it in areas that I wanted, I went for heavily distressed so it had a more farmhouse look as for seat I decided to use this vintage feed sack that once help turkey feed in it for the fabric. Which I also found at the 10 mile long yard sale! 

After I did all of that I sealed the chair natural wax and added the seat back to the chair!

This chair would be perfect or a farmhouse! and could go with a lot of decor!