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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Farmhouse Feed Sack Chair

You ever see a piece of furniture and just automatically know how you want to re-finish it?  That's how it was with this chair, it was found at a 10 mile long yard sale just sitting there waiting to be picked up and re-loved. It's just a basic brown chair but with awesome turned legs at the bottom and a horrible red fabric! I got it for a steal. So it started out like this...

I chose Country Chic's Paint in Vanilla Frosting for this chair. Used 2 coats for a good coverage then...

I let it dry enough til was tacky and used a wet rag to distress it in areas that I wanted, I went for heavily distressed so it had a more farmhouse look as for seat I decided to use this vintage feed sack that once help turkey feed in it for the fabric. Which I also found at the 10 mile long yard sale! 

After I did all of that I sealed the chair natural wax and added the seat back to the chair!

This chair would be perfect or a farmhouse! and could go with a lot of decor!

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