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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Lazy Linen End Table

This 70's looking end table come from a yard sale a little over a month ago. I loved the detail on the drawer and on the top it made it stand out and be different. It started like this

After I cleaned it up I decided to paint it in lazy linen it took about 2 coats and I painted in the drawer in fresh mustard. 

I distressed the piece in places that would naturally distress over time and I was going to leave the mustard color bright and add in dark wax but it was to much of a contrast and didn't look good at all. 

So I  used the natural wax and then antiquing wax over the lazy linen, then on the drawer I watered down lazy linen and did a white wash over the top then used white wax on top of that, leaving it in the grooves of the drawer.

The contrast now works and looks great! 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Blue Buffalo Check Chair

Today I am going to share a chair makeover. We got this chair at a thrift store for a few dollars id say! The chair was cute but the fabric was awful and had strings hanging from it and was just out of date and it was pretty scratched up.

                     I chose the color lazy linen to paint the chair  in, it took about two coats to get a full coverage over all of the kinda dark wood.

After that I distressed this piece pretty heavily on all areas that would get naturally distressed. I wanted it to have a farmhouse look with the fabric I choose.  The fabric is actually a table cloth! from the pioneer woman line if anyone else would like to use them for chair makeovers!

And after I distressed the chair and recovered the seat I waxed the chair in natural wax and it was finished! a pretty simple makeover but with big impact.