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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Lazy Linen End Table

This 70's looking end table come from a yard sale a little over a month ago. I loved the detail on the drawer and on the top it made it stand out and be different. It started like this

After I cleaned it up I decided to paint it in lazy linen it took about 2 coats and I painted in the drawer in fresh mustard. 

I distressed the piece in places that would naturally distress over time and I was going to leave the mustard color bright and add in dark wax but it was to much of a contrast and didn't look good at all. 

So I  used the natural wax and then antiquing wax over the lazy linen, then on the drawer I watered down lazy linen and did a white wash over the top then used white wax on top of that, leaving it in the grooves of the drawer.

The contrast now works and looks great! 

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