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Friday, February 12, 2016

My Favorite Instagram Posts #2

Winter time is hard to get blog posts done and get furniture painted from all the rain and cold weather they take twice as long. So I will have new blog posts soon! I am going to list 3-5 or so things from Instagram that I found and like

#1: is from Sweet Pickins, She has her own milk paint brand, and I love the colors she has and pretty much ever piece she paints! This piece I love the color and how she added a floral print to the back of the mirror and made it look old so the floral print is showing through some.

#2 is from Farm Fresh Homestead, I love her farmhouse style the mixture of the white on whites with galvanized and a little bit of wood tone to warm it up. It is one of my favorite styles.

#3 is this living room from Little Farm Stead. I love her room and those pillows are perfect and so is the shade of gray on that corner cabinet!