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Friday, December 23, 2016

Buffet in Hollow Hill

Today I going to share a makeover of a buffet that needed a little tlc, There was scratches all over it and part of the handle was broken, but it was a great piece and super heavy and solid wood. This is what it looked like before!

I used one of Country Chic's paint newest fall colors called Hollow Hill on the piece. It is a dark green and just works perfectly for this buffet. 

With the all in one decor paint it takes just two coats of paint to get good coverage depending on the piece, since it was dark it needed the two. After you are done you don't have to seal this paint if you didn't want to. But I choose to seal it for extra protection since it is a buffet. 

So after it was done being painted I distressed this piece pretty heavily for a farmhouse look then finished it in natural wax. 

I tried to save the original knobs but one was missing and one of the pulls was broken so I changed two of the pulls and found matching knobs for doors and painted them all in liquid gold leaf. It really pops on this dark green piece, I love how this turned out. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Vintage Flour Sack Fabric & A Chair

we found this old chair at a long yardsale and its very 70's, 80ish chair and very orange but  This is how it started out...

Dirty, and orange colored wood with fabric that is so outdated it is faded.. So when a new store opened up near by I went to check it out and found a vintage flour sack that was already cut on one end and opened up.. 

I matched some of the blue color in the fabric that was faded to the country chic color bliss.

After that I lightly distressed around some of the edges to make it look like natural wear. And recovered the seat in the flour sack fabric.

And to make the seat a little more fluffy I used some foam for another chair seat I had but didn't have the chair anymore. I love how this chair turned out and love the vintage flour sack that would have probably say around or even got thrown away by someone!

Friday, November 25, 2016


Have you ever had a piece of furniture that you started painting and get it all painted then your like well that is to plain and it needs something more. Well that is how it started with this little night stand. I was just going to paint it all white and distress it well that is not how it always goes, so this how it started.

This months contest works out really well for wanting to add a pop of color to something. This months sponsor is Velvet Finishes but all opinions are 100% mine!

This month I participated in the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest’s
“Colour My World” October contest sponsored by Velvet Finishes.

To started off with this night stand I did two coats of understated. The coverage was great, I even did a base coat on the drawers in the same color.

After that I order a darkish teal/green color called Tranquil. I covered the drawers in that color I did two coats again just to make sure I had good coverage.

So once all of that had time to dry and finish I used a sanding block to distress all the areas to give it a older look. I love how simple distress around the edges can give it so much character. 

After all of that I finally finished the piece in Protect, which is a satin polyacrylic , which gives a little shine but not to much, its not over glossy!

I think the night stand turned out great and gives just the right amount of pop of color without it being to much for a room! so you can easily color your world with small pops of color and not have to go all out. So how would you color your world?

The  Fab Furniture Flippin' Contestis open only to the entrants who have signed up through the group Facebook page. If you are an active, furniture flippin’ blogger, and you’d like to participate in future contests,  please contact  to find out how!

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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Farmhouse Vanity

Today I have a make over of a vanity. It started out in pretty rough shape it didn't have the mirror that came on it, and there was some peeling veneer on the sides and the wood was so dry and it just needed helped. Sometimes when you get a piece of furniture you know what your going to do with it then when you start it, it don't go as planned? well this is how this one started out...

As you can see it needed help.  I sanded down the places that needed it and got it as smooth as I could for painting, I added two coats of Vanilla Frosting to get good coverage. 

After that on the inside of the vanity and and on the sides there was small indentions that were still kinda messed up, so I decided to use textured wall paper on the insides and on the sides of the vanity.

After that I distressed the whole piece very heavily for a old worn look, like it came right out of a barn!

then I used natural wax to finish everything off! I love how this turned out and how the textured wall paper gives it just a little extra pop for a little charm. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Farmhouse Feed Sack Chair

You ever see a piece of furniture and just automatically know how you want to re-finish it?  That's how it was with this chair, it was found at a 10 mile long yard sale just sitting there waiting to be picked up and re-loved. It's just a basic brown chair but with awesome turned legs at the bottom and a horrible red fabric! I got it for a steal. So it started out like this...

I chose Country Chic's Paint in Vanilla Frosting for this chair. Used 2 coats for a good coverage then...

I let it dry enough til was tacky and used a wet rag to distress it in areas that I wanted, I went for heavily distressed so it had a more farmhouse look as for seat I decided to use this vintage feed sack that once help turkey feed in it for the fabric. Which I also found at the 10 mile long yard sale! 

After I did all of that I sealed the chair natural wax and added the seat back to the chair!

This chair would be perfect or a farmhouse! and could go with a lot of decor!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Entertainment Center Gets an Update

 Today I am going to share a makeover of a entertainment center that I found at a yard sale.This is how it started out...

Solid black and kinda glossy and very dusty and dirty. It had a cute farmhouse kinda style to it so I decided to paint all in Country Chic Paint in color called Harmony. Well after I had it all painted except for the doors and the drawers I decided to paint it two toned.

So for the base of this piece I painted it in two coats of harmony and did the drawers and doors in cheese cake!

It is the perfect contrast of colors and still gives it the farmhouse feel. After it all got painted I distressed it pretty heavily in areas to give it a older feel, almost chippy in places on the doors.

After all of that I finished the piece in natural wax. And I styled it more as a storage piece than as a entertainment center cause it can be used more than to just hold a t.v!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Farmhouse Hutch

Today I am going to share a makeover of a cute little hutch that I found on craigslist! it had a wooden back that hole cuts in the back that just didn't look good but it was in good shape and really heavy it just needed to be updated..

At first I was going to change the back to bead board but I started painting before I decided to just take it off and Painted it in Country Chic Paint in Vanilla Frosting 

I wanted to paint the inside of the doors with bliss! and decided to also paint the drawer to.
It took a couple of coats to get everything coated well. 

After that I distressed it a little bit and finished it all in clear wax then used a little antiquing wax on the drawer and inside the door to give it a little something more. 

I left the hardware that was already on it, they look old and matched the style of the piece. 
Now it looks like a cute little farmhouse hutch!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Southern Vintage Market and Rustic Owl Treasures

Today I am going to show some pictures of my booth/little shop inside a new store that I am now apart of. The Store is called Southern Vintage Market. Now I am still adding things to my booth and have not fully decorated or even fixed the back wall! but I can also post more pictures as it grows and gets done! So If y'all are in Alabama please come and visit the store they have lots of cute items and vintage, and antiques! Along with the furniture I paint and whatever else we make! They are open from Wednesday- Saturday 10 a.m.- 5p.m. and open on Sundays from 11 a.m. - 4p.m.

                                              Here are some pictures from my booth!!

Now here is some from around the store!

Check out the awesome sales counter!!

Look at the awesome blue tub!

Pretty Boutique Clothing!

Candy Land! full of handmade kids clothing.

A lot of amazing things in the store! and only been open since July 1st! so If your ever in Alabama the store is in Sumiton Alabama at 585 Hull Road Sumiton, AL 35148 so make sure to stop by and shop and visit my booth! along with everyone elses the counter alone is a reason to stop by and see!