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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Welcome To Our Blog

        Hello Everyone, Welcome to Rustic Owl Treasures, The adventures of Beth and Olivia. Join us on our quest to find old, abused and sometimes discarded items. All things Vintage delight us. 
             We have always enjoyed the hunt of finding that special something at yard sales, flea markets, even thrift stores or estate sales. We have found some great things through the years. Some have earned spots in my home immediately and some got pilled under the house or stuck in the garden shed until I could decide on what I wanted to do with it. I'm sure most of y'all are right there with me! We come to realize all those things we had stored and stacked up and laying about are part of a big trend these days. The Vintage/Shabby Chic look. 
             But.... The adventure really started when Olivia wanted a desk for her room. She didn't want a new desk that we could just go to the store and buy, she wanted something old, something vintage. She searched craigslist and thrift stores found nothing she wanted. I was in a panic because this is all she wanted for Christmas and it was getting close. We finally found what she was looking for at a local flea mall. Let me tell you it was UGLY, had the most hideous paint job. Im not even gonna try to describe it. I will just let you see.
Can you believe someone did this to this beauty? I dont know what kind of paint was used on this desk but 2 1/2 cans of heavy duty stripper and tons of sanding with and without an electric sander later. It was worth it, It turned out great, and we finally finished it. And here is how it came out after
Ignore the horrible pictures, I promise they get better! See how great it turned out from that hideous paint job before . After all that sanding we used Valspar metallic spray paint in silver, after allowing it to dry we brushed antiquing glaze over the entire desk, it took some trail and error with the glaze to get it right but we figured it out. The glaze may take a couple days to dry we found that out the hard way. After that we bought cute little Owl knobs and clear glass ones, all from hobby lobby. 
              With that starting our adventures, we have been hitting thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales and yes even dumpster dove. We have even stopped at a house with a trash pile to the side and ask for items they were throwing out. Yes, we have it bad!!
           We have several items we've acquired since the desk and have worked on them and seen them go. Can't wait to show you how those turned out. Hope you stick around and join us for many more adventures.


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