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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Decor

              Today I am gonna show y'all the Christmas decor around our house.

This year we put the tree in a galvanized wash bucket and added some plaid fabric around the top.

Added lots of homemade ornaments and vintage bingo cards and some very old ornaments as well.

got this silver bucket thing for 5 dollars a yard sale and just added some clipping from the Christmas tree and scrap of burlap around it.

The wooden star came from the Nashville Flea Market last year and the plaid deer came from target.

Little owl came from hobby lobby and just stuck some trimmings from the tree in there with some feathers.

And this is old box we picked up from a yard sale and added more greenery a old rusty grater some bed springs, old spools and led candles there is even a part of a ruler in there, and tarnished silver plater behind a ironstone plate.. 

Merry Christmas, hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas eve and day!

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