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Saturday, December 13, 2014

vintage pinwheel ornaments

Today I am gonna share how I made pinwheel ornaments. I just love these and they add a homemade touch to the Christmas tree.

1. Dictionary page
2.Glue stick           
3. Hot glue gun      
4.Hot glue sticks    
                              5.Scrapbook paper or Christmas cards
6.Card stock           
7.Circle hole punch

Step One: 
Rip out dictionary pages

Step Two: 
Accordion fold from bottom to top

Step 3:
cut down the line that is on the pages and make it into two sections

may want to put them on top of each other and make sure they are same size I had to do that to a few

Step 4:
Fold each piece in half 

Step 5:
Use glue stick on open folded end and press them together, do that to both of them

Step 6:
Use glue stick on the open remaining ends and in the middle where folded and attach them all together. start with the middle then pull the other parts together to make full pinwheel. The middle part will be loose.

Step 7:
Plug up your hot glue gun, and cut your twine 7 inches long for the loop

Step 8:
Use circle hole punch and punch out one circle from scrapbook paper or Christmas cards, then punch out a second circle either from card stock or from one of the Christmas cards you used, scrapbook paper would be to thin for the back. 

Step 9:
flip the one over your gonna use for the back and put hot glue in a line then fold your twine into a loop and attach it with the hot glue 

Step 10:
Add hot glue to center of the pinwheel and attach the circle with the twine face down. that will be the back of the pinwheel when you hang it.

Step 11:
Flip pinwheel over, and add hot glue to the back of the circle and middle of the pinwheel and attach it to hang right with the loop.

And your done! 

Heres what it looks like on the tree and another one I done. 

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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