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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Old Gun Cabinet Transformed

Couple of weeks ago we went shopping at some thrift stores to find some items to redo for a booth that we have. We found some great things and a old gun cabinet that need a little love. The glass was gone out of the door and someone had stuck paneling in it, boy did it look bad! it need some good cleaning and it had 3 shelves on the inside, its perfect for a pantry. so here is what it looked like before

See needs just a little love to be beautiful and become a great piece for a pantry!

And here what it looks like all finished now

Painted the first coat in a custom mixed milk paint color of iron stone and typewriter don't even ask the ratios of it I just mixed it together til I liked the color, then I did a coat of ironstone over that and ran out of paint so it was uneven and looked liked a horrible paint job, so I had some old white chalk paint left and did a small coat of that over it. I then got out the sander and sanded it down and made it very distressed I love how it turned out and how you can see both color and even the spots down to the wood. The inside is painted in just a chalk paint grey that matched very well and shelves in a white color and put chicken wire on the inside of the door it really is a huge difference and looks great, the door knob came from hobby lobby and just added a latch on the inside to keep the door shut!


  1. What an amazing re-do! Thanks for sharing this. I would never have thought of turning a gun cabinet into a pantry.

  2. You realize that I will now be looking for old cabinets. [smile] A lovely way to up-cycle! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great idea!! Thanks for sharing!