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Monday, March 7, 2016

Diy Moss Four Leaf Clover

I have quite a bit of scrap wood all different sizes none of it is all cut perfect. So I like to use it for little signs.. The other day I bought some reindeer moss from Dollar Tree to make little moss balls and decided to use some of it to make a little sign.

I decided on a four leaf clover with St. Patrick's day coming up, I started out by painting the board white and used dark wax then dried brush white over the top and used a rag to smooth it all out. 

After that I used a color pencil to draw out the design of the clover while my hot glue gun heated up. I pulled apart some of the moss and started by putting hot glue down around the design and adding in smaller pieces to make sure it looked like a clover,

And that was it! took me about 30 mins to make it and now you have cute decor for spring that gives a touch of green!

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