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Monday, April 20, 2015

The square end table

We picked up this end table at a garage sale pretty cheap, it was in good shape needed to be wiped off and had a few scratches but not bad. I shared in a few posts back of the before picture but ill refresh your memory

I tried out a new paint on this piece, Its from Plaid paint its new and under the name Waverly Inspirations. I got it at Walmart. At first I thought it was gonna be way to thick but its creamy and goes on really well its took 2 coats but there was really good coverage and it didn't use the whole jar of paint I might have used about half on the whole end table. They even have their own wax which i didn't use on this piece ill wait to try it out something smaller The color is called mineral 
ok ill stop making you wait here is the after!

The top on the table in the pic looks like its a bad paint job but it was the way the weather was and was freshly waxed!

The paint is really easy to distress which is good. They have a lot of good colors and I really like the paint.